Gift Cards

No. Kirkland’s gift cards have no expiration date or any hidden fees.
No. Gift cards can only be redeemed for Kirkland’s merchandise.
No. Coupons, discounts, and other special offers may only be applied toward the purchase of Kirkland’s merchandise, and are not valid toward the purchase of gift cards.

If you do happen to lose your gift card, don't worry. If the gift card was purchased online, simply contact our Customer Service department, and they will deactivate your current gift card and then credit your account with the amount remaining on the original gift card. You may then reorder your gift card, and your new card will be shipped to you.

If you lose a gift card that was purchased in a store, our store may be able to replace your gift card only if you have a receipt for the gift card. The gift card number on the receipt will be used to determine the remaining value on the card that was lost, and we will then deactivate and replace the lost card with a new gift card. Please contact the store nearest you for any issues concerning gift cards purchased in store.

No. If there is a remaining balance left on your card after a purchase that balance will remain on your card until the next purchase you make. If you go over the amount on the card, then that amount will simply be deducted from your total balance and then you can pay for the rest of the transaction with any other method of payment.
No. There are never any late fees associated with the use of our gift cards.
Yes. Kirkland’s gift cards can be redeemed for the purchase of Kirkland’s merchandise and gift cards online.
Our representatives can combine any gift cards purchased in a Kirkland’s store or on Just call 1-877-541-4855 and one of our representatives will gladly combine your cards to complete your order. At this time, we are unable to combine Kirkland’s gift cards purchased from any other retailer.
Please call our customer service team at 1-877-541-4855; option 7.