Statues & Figurines

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Black and White Pig on Rocker Statue
Cream Flying Pig Figurine

New! Cream Flying Pig Figurine

Distressed Tan Ceramic Shell Figurine
Metal Armillary on Wooden Base

New! Metal Armillary on Wooden Base

Cobalt Fish Figurine

New! Cobalt Fish Figurine

Blue Ceramic Turtle Figurine
Tic Tac Toe Tabletop Game

Tic Tac Toe Tabletop Game

Balanced Scale Statue
Tail Up Mermaid Figurine

Tail Up Mermaid Figurine

Black Globe on Marble Wood Base
Blue Globe on Marble Wood Base
Coastal Themed Tic Tac Toe Game

Coastal Themed Tic Tac Toe Game

Black Metal Decorative Scale

Black Metal Decorative Scale

Blessed Word Runner

Blessed Word Runner

Textured Conch Figurine

Textured Conch Figurine

Brown Coffee Word Cutout

Brown Coffee Word Cutout

Taking Horizontal Life Pauses Framed Word Block
Ceramic Pelican Figurine
Ceramic Stacked Turtle Figurine
Pale Blue Sand Hourglass
White Sand Hourglass
White Rabbit Carved Statue

White Rabbit Carved Statue

White Faux Corals on Acrylic Stands, Set of 2
Brown Bird Statuaries, Set of 2
Metal Patina Bell
White Pineapple Fountain
White Distressed Trio Farm Animals Figurine
White Sailboat Figurines, Set of 2
Brown Standing Feather Figurines, Set of 3
Metal Flower Statues on Wood Stands, Set of 3
Weathered Wood Base Bell Shaped Cloche, 11.75 in.
Azure Swirl Statue, 23 in.
Weathered Wood Base Bell Shaped Cloche
No. 879 Blue Wooden Buoy
White And Gold Seahorse Door Stopper
Big Wheel Bicycle Statue
Pewter Medallion Ceramic Statue, 13 in.
Black Medallion with Stand Sculpture
Turquoise Medallion with Stand Sculpture
Black and Bronze Metal Sphere Statue, 10 in.
Black and Bronze Metal Sphere Statue, 7.5 in.
Black and Bronze Metal Sphere Statue, 8.5 in.
Coral Statue with Acrylic Base
Silver Looped Abstract Sculpture
Copper Abstract Heart Sculpture
Bronze Abstract Cyclist Statue
Silver Abstract Heart Sculpture
Silver Giraffes Sculpture
Metal Old World Style Hourglass
Lime Green Crackle Birds, Set of 3
Decorative Ceramic Small Blue and White Shell
Distressed White Ceramic Scroll Finial
Blue and White Katie Rustic Bike Statuary
Multicolor Fish on Stands, Set of 2
Galvanized Woven Spheres, Set of 3
Galvanized Sphere, 6 in.
Vintage Metal Truck Statue
Watercolor Stacked Fish on Stand
Vintage Fishing Weights, Set of 3
Dark Blue and White Ceramic Fish Statue
White Carved Sheep Statue
Shell Tiered Tabletop Fountain
White Wood Hand Carved Fish
Blue Hand Carved Fish Statue
Coastal White Ceramic Bird
Coastal White Ceramic Shell
Coastal Blue Ceramic Shell
Natural Wood Native Carved Dolphins
Whitewashed Wood Coastal Buoy
Painted Wood Coastal Bird Statue
Natural Wood Native Carved School of Birds
Natural Wood Native Carved Fish
Rustic Metal Birdcage
Distressed Wood Nail Cross
Tarnished Bronze Metal Hourglass
Aluminum and Wood Bar Sign
Crowned Pigeon Statue
Gray Metal Windmill Statue
Wise Owl Statues, Set of 3
Rusted Dancing Pigs Figurine
Turtle Shell Statue with Stand
Bird Cages with Hand-Painted Birds, Set of 3
Blue Coral Sculpture on Acrylic Base
Angel White Seated Elephant Figurine
Decorative Ceramic Blue and White Shell, 10 in.
Galvanized Metal Windmill on Stand
Distressed Silver Truck Statue
Antique Metal Scale with Weighted Iron Base
Aluminum and Black Marble Eat Sign
Whitewash Natural Mango Wood Pear
Outer Banks Whitewashed Sailboat
White Ceramic Yoga Frog Statue
Galvanized Sphere, 5 in.
Black Vintage Metal Weights, Set of 3
Blue Recycled Metal Standing Dog
Silver Etched Metal Bird Statues, Set of 2
Birds Walking on Wood Base Statuary
Whimsical Glass Birds, Set of 3
Carved Wooden Whale Statue on Stand
Silver Giraffe Balloon Animal Statue

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