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FAQ - Email Communication

Is Kirkland's running a cash award promotion for a $1000 VISA Gift Card?

NO - this is a Phishing attempt. Please ignore the link within the email. Do not input personal information in the forms provided for the contest entry. This email is intended to mislead and get users to provide personal information which could then be used for unapproved purposes, primary of which is identity theft.

I signed up for e-mail, but I’ve have never received anything.

Double check to be sure that your spam filter is not blocking your address for some reason.  Also be sure to have the most recent browser updates installed on your computer. If you signed up for email at a store location, please allow an additional 48 hours to receive your first email.  To ensure delivery to your inbox, please add the following address to your address book or remove the following address from your spam blocker:

Why is Kirkland’s e-mail arriving in my junk mail mailbox?

It may have been flagged accidentally as spam, but you should be able to remedy this problem by adding to your safe senders list.

Please note, if you are using an employer’s email, they may have additional spam settings sending our email to the junk/spam folder. In such a case, you will possibly have to contact your employer’s IT department to “white list” emails from Kirkland’s.

Can I get information only available in my area?

Yes, from time to time we send out store/event related emails specific to a certain store, or group of stores.

I am able to receive emails, but they appear distorted or unreadable when viewing.

In rare instances, your email browser may not display our email properly. If your email provider has the option, make sure to select “display images”.  If you are still having problems, please click the link “view them here”, found at the top of our email:

Link at the top opens the Kirkland's email in an Internet browser.

How can I unsubscribe?

You may unsubscribe at any time from our mailing list by simply clicking on the appropriate link located in our disclaimer, usually in the lower section, within the email.

Unsubscribe link in Kirkland's email.

How do I update my email address?

You can update your address by clicking one of three links within our emails.  There is a link in the upper navigation bar of our emails that says “Update Your Preferences,” a section toward the bottom of our emails that says “Visit our Preference Center,” and also a link in our disclaimer that says “Update your e-mail address” Any of these links will take you to our online E-mail Preference Center where you can change your address along with many other options.

How do I update my preferences, such as name, birthday, store location, etc.?

You can update your preferences by clicking one of two links within our emails.  There is a link in the upper right hand corner of our emails that says “Update Your Preferences” and a section toward the bottom of our emails that says visit our Preference Center. Either of these links will take you to our online E-mail Preference Center where you can change your user profile.

Three links in a Kirkland's email to update preferences.

I am receiving too many emails from Kirkland’s.

If you wish to only receive one email per week, you can do so by visiting the “Preference Center” (see above) and selecting “Weekly” as your preferred email frequency. 

Where are the coupons located within the email?

Occasionally we offer discount offers to our email subscribers as a welcome gift.  These coupons can be accessed by clicking on “Click Here for This Week’s Savings” within the email. Once directed to the coupon page, please print and bring to your local Kirkland’s store to redeem within the stated time period.

I was told I would receive a coupon for signing up. Why haven’t I received one?

The coupon is only available to new subscribers. If you have already subscribed in the past, you will not be eligible for the coupon. If you haven’t received any emails, please review the earlier questions.

When clicking through to the Preference Center, I receive the following error message:

Our records show that this address has already been registered.  To protect your privacy we need to verify your email address.  Please click here to receive a confirmation email in order to view and update your profile.

This error can be caused by one of the following:

  • Cookies Disabled – The Preference Center uses a cookie to verify the user should have access to update preferences.  If the user has cookies disabled or blocked, the user would not be authorized to update directly from the email.
  • Cookie Expired – If you haven’t clicked through to the Preference Center within a week after receiving the email, the Cookie may have expired.
  • Your internet browser/email client removed some/all of the tracking parameters within the URL, therefore your address could not be verified.

When this happens, the system generates the error message you see – “click here to verify…”.  Clicking the link, will trigger an automatic text email to be sent to you.  The text email will include a link to the preference center, which embeds a “password token” within the actual URL.  This verifies that you are authorized to update the preferences assigned to you, and you should be able to access the preference center from that link.