Kirkland’s Home Credit Card

What are the benefits of the Kirkland’s Home credit card?

  • Earn 2x points or choose special financing! 1
  • Advance notice of sales and promotions
  • Exclusive coupons and special shopping events
  • No monthly maintenance fee2

Subject to credit approval
This will be valid on in-store or online purchases.
1 You cannot earn 2x points and receive special financing. If you choose special financing, you will still receive 1 point for every $1 spent. Excludes gift card purchases.
2 The Kirkland’s Home credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. For new accounts, the APR for Purchases is 28.99%. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00 This information is accurate as of 10/19/2020 and is subject to change. For current information, call us at 1-800-431-5921.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online: Visit the Wells Fargo Online portal to quickly and conveniently make online payments, view Frequently Asked Questions or learn how to read your statement.
  • Phone: Call 1-800-459-8451 with any question you may have including account information, assistance with billing questions, phone payments, non-receipt of your card and/or statement, address changes, and account closures.
Yes, you will earn 2 points per $1 spent unless special financing is chosen! Excludes gift card purchases.
You can choose between double points or the financing option on qualified purchases with your Kirkland's Home credit card. If the financing option is chosen, you will still receive 1 point per $1 of purchases. Excludes gift card purchases.
Federal law requires us to obtain a street address when you apply for the Kirkland’s Home credit card. Upon approval, you may change your address to a P.O. Box. Please call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-459-8451.
Your Kirkland’s Home Credit Card will be charged once your order is shipped from our warehouse. It is not charged at the time the order is placed.
If you haven’t received your Kirkland’s Home credit card within 10 days after opening your account, please call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-459-8451.
No. There are several convenient ways to submit payment for your Kirkland’s Home credit card: online (through an electronic transfer from your checking account), postal mail (check or money order) or phone.

There are three ways to pay your Kirkland’s Home credit card bill:

  • Online: Visit Wells Fargo Online portal and use your checking account. Your payment will be posted to your Kirkland’s Home credit card promptly.
  • Phone: Simply call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-459-8451 to pay using your checking account with no fee.
  • Mail: Effective 11/01/17, send your payments by check or money order to the appropriate address below. Please allow 7-10 business days for payments to reach us.

Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card
P.O. Box 51193
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493
(For customers that reside in WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, ID, UT, MT, WY, CO, NM, TX, ND, SD, AK, HI; includes military and countries/properties that send payments)

Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card
P.O. Box 77053
Shoreview, MN 55480-7753
(For customers that reside in MN, WI, MI, NE, IA, IL, IN, KS, MO, OK, AR, LA, MS)

Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 71118
Charlotte, NC 28272-1118
(For customers that reside in ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, NY, CT, PA, NJ, DC, DE, MD, OH, WV, VA, KY, TN, NC, SC, AL, GA, FL)

Sorry, in-store payments are not available at this time.

If your card is lost or stolen, please call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-877-805-7744 as soon as possible.

Special Financing

A deferred interest promotion is a special financing offer that lets you pay over time without paying interest during the promotional period. If you pay your balance in full before the promotional period ends, you won’t have to pay any interest accrued during the promotion period.
Interest starts accruing at the regular APR for Purchases from the purchase date through the promotional period.
Yes. Paying off your purchase before the promotional period ends means you won’t pay the accrued interest. You can do that in a few ways, like making:
  1. More than the minimum payment
  2. Equal monthly payments
  3. A lump sum payment
Remember, interest accrues on your account at the regular APR from day one — your purchase date. If the purchase balance isn’t paid in full on time, you’ll wind up paying what’s left plus all of the accrued interest from your purchase date.
They’re a must. You have to make the minimum payment each month, but you can pay more than that.
In many cases they won’t be enough to pay your balance in full before the promotional period ends. Watch your statement so there aren’t any surprises.
Yes. At any point, just divide your current purchase balance by the number of months left in the promotional period. Making that payment each month will pay off your balance on time, and you’ll avoid paying interest.