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Tea Olive Arrangement in Metal Bucket with Bow
Lemon and Lamb's Ear Candle Centerpiece
Woven Basket Frosted Eucalyptus Arrangement
Yellow and White Heather Spiral Wreath
Yellow Craspedia Mason Jar Arrangement
Bear Grass Blue Ceramic Arrangement
Fig Tree in Woven Basket
Lamb's Ear Arrangement in White Ceramic Vase
Lavender Arrangement in Cement Planter
Oak Leaf Tree, 32 in.
White Wood and Metal Boxwood Arrangement
Lemon Tree, 5 ft.

Lemon Tree, 5 ft.

Pre-Lit Branches, Set of 5

Pre-Lit Branches, Set of 5

Magnolia Leaf Wreath, 24 in.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath, 24 in.

Preserved Boxwood Topiary, 17 in.

Preserved Boxwood Topiary, 17 in.

Cream Hydrangea Door Swag

Cream Hydrangea Door Swag

Burlap Magnolia Centerpiece
Preserved Boxwood Topiary, 12 in.

Preserved Boxwood Topiary, 12 in.

Burlap Dahlia and Peony Centerpiece

Burlap Dahlia and Peony Centerpiece

Burlap Magnolia Wreath
Dusty Bayleaf Topiary

Dusty Bayleaf Topiary

Peony Candle Centerpiece

Peony Candle Centerpiece

Green Boxwood Home Arrangement

Green Boxwood Home Arrangement

Peony Passion Wreath
Green Boxwood Wire Basket Arrangement

Green Boxwood Wire Basket Arrangement

White Cymbidium Bud Stems, Set of 6
Succulent in Glazed Ceramic Vases, Set of 2
Purple Aloe Plant in Round Tin Platter Arrangement
Cedar and Blueberries Wreath
Lime Tree Topiary, 24 in.
Lemon Tree Topiary, 55 in.
Orange Tree Topiary, 32 in.
Croton Tree, 70 in.
Fiddle Leaf Tree and Black Tin Planter, 50 in.
Bamboo Tree and Tin Planter, 60 in.
Golden Crane Palm Tree and Cement Planter, 84 in.
Stephanotis Climbing Plant Arrangement, 24 in.
Magnolia Leaf Tree, 39 in.
Mini Boxwood Topiaries, Set of 3
Variegated Real Touch Holly Tree, 39 in.
Lemon Tree and Vintage Metal Bucket, 54 in.
Ficus Tree and Tin Bucket, 60 in.
Paradise Palm Tree and Metal Bucket, 58 in.
Variegated Ficus Slate Plate Tree, 60 in.
Eucalyptus Wreath
Artificial Spring Boxwood Dome Topiary, 11 in.
Agave Plant in a Black Planter
Washed Leaf Wreath
Lemon Topiary in Decorative Pot, 18 in.
Pre-Lit Spiral Tree in Potted Urn, 4 ft.
Boxwood Greenery in Pot, 15 in.
Boxwood Topiary Greenery, 22 in.
Maiden Hair Fern in Ceramic Planter
Double Spiral Potted Cedar Tree, 48 in.
Succulent Arrangement in Concrete Planter
Boxwood Arrangement with Striped Ribbon, 9.4 in.
Boxwood Cone Topiary with Striped Ribbon, 13.4 in.
Boxwood Arrangement in Black Planter, 9.4 in.
Round Boxwood Topiary in Black Planter, 14 in.
Boxwood Cone Topiary in Black Planter, 13.4 in.
Succulent Arrangement in Brown Planter
Grass Stalk Plant, 4 ft.
Dieffenbachia in Glazed Ceramic Planter
Fancy Style Bamboo Silk Tree, 8 ft.
Bambusa Bamboo Silk Tree, 6 ft.
Bamboo Silk Tree, 5.3 ft.
Bambusa Bamboo Silk Tree, 4 ft.
Kentia Palm Silk Tree, 5 ft.
Golden Cane Palm Tree, 4 ft.
Palm Tree in Wicker Planter, 4.5 ft.
Single Ball Topiary in Wood Planter, 30 in.
Cactus Plant, 3 ft.
Agave Plant, 28 in.
Boxwood Ball Urn Arrangement
Boxwood Ball and Cone Topiary, 36 in.
Boxwood Triple-Ball Topiary, 48 in.
Boxwood Obelisk in Wood Planter, 36 in.
Boxwood Obelisk in Wood Planter, 48 in.
Flocked Sage Cone in Urn Arrangement, 24 in.
Flocked Sage Double Ball Topiary, 26 in.
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Weathered Wood Box, 6 ft.
Fiddle Leaf Tree, 24 in.
Fiddle Leaf Tree, 5 ft.
Golden Juniper Bush
Aloe in Black Planter
White Orchid Arrangement in Aged Cement Planter
Green Succulent Wreath
Succulents in Glass Vases, Set of 3
Mixed Fern Arrangement in Moss Planter
Boston Fern in Wicker Planter, 2 ft.
Southwest Agave Plants in Ceramic Pots, Set of 3
Mixed Succulent Arrangements, Set of 4
Mini Agave Succulent Arrangement in Glass Vase
Natural Green Eucalyptus Wreath
Tropical Leaf Wreath
Tropical Leaf Garland
Tropical Leaf Stem
Orchid Arrangement in White and Gray Planter
Eucalyptus and Berry Topiaries, Set of 2
Eucalyptus and Berry Wreath

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