Adding the hours up, you spend roughly 1/3 of your life in your bedroom (provided you're getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night—but who actually does these days?). That's a lot of time to spend in one room—especially if you're not happy with how it looks. But you told yourself you'd wait to redecorate until you had the extra cash, so it looks like you're just going to have to grin and bear it, right? Not this time! Let Kirkland's show you how to tackle bedroom decorating on a budget. Let's set our Refresh button for bedroom decor!

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Bedroom Decorating On A Budget - Kirklands

Decorating Tip #1: Change Your Sheets

The central feature in any bedroom is, of course, the bed. The entire concept of the room is built around it, after all. With that in mind, the easiest way to change up your bedroom is to change the look of your bed. Try investing in a new bedding set, complete with curtains to match. It will help create a unified look with minimal effort. If you're looking to spend a little less, cut out the sheets and opt for just a comforter set and pillows instead. As long as you keep the bed made, your guests will never see the sheets underneath anyway, right?

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Decorating Tip #2: Stick It To Your Walls

Stickers aren't just for kids, you know. For a fun and less formal look, you can use wall decals to change up your wall decor without making any permanent adjustments. If you want to go a little bolder, wallpaper one wall of your bedroom—preferably the wall the bed is positioned against—with a patterned print (like quatrefoil, for example) that complements your existing wall color. It's an easy way to draw attention to your bed and really emphasize the focus of the room.

Shop Artificial Trees and Topiaries at KirklandsDecorating Tip #3: Make It A Green Space

Not the color, mind you (though there's absolutely nothing wrong with a green bedroom). Breathe some life into your room by adding a potted indoor tree or topiary. Their bright greens have an uplifting presence, and they are fantastic for breaking up monochromatic color schemes.

Decorating Tip #4: Embrace The Fifth Wall

This one will be how you can tell we've been watching too many home decorating shows. Want a bold way to change up the traditional look of your bedroom? Eschew the standard popcorn ceiling and embrace the idea of the fifth wall. This one is a little more labor-intensive, but we can guarantee your bedroom will definitely have a different look by the end. There are plenty of online tutorials out there on how to scrape off popcorn ceilings, so we won't bore you with details here. Once the popcorn is gone, paint your ceiling to match your walls, then add crown moulding around the edges to break up the color.


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Decorating Tip #5: Can't Change? Rearrange

Finally, here's a tip with little to zero out-of-pocket expenses: Just move some stuff around. The bedroom tends to be one of the most frequently rearranged rooms in the house, and for good reason. Since it usually contains less furniture than, say, a living room, it's easier to rearrange. Also, it's fairly simple to change the entire look of the room by just putting the bed against this wall rather than that one. If you do choose to rearrange your bedroom, take the opportunity to do a little de-cluttering as well. Too much junk in one space never lends itself to a relaxing environment.

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