It's time to reflect! Let's talk about mirrors, ladies and gentlemen. Specifically, let's talk about all the wonderful things they can do for us. Sure, they give us a great way to check our hair before heading out in the morning, but what can mirrors do when they're not telling us who is fairest of them all?

Multipurpose Furniture: Other Uses for Mirrors

Mirrors are a versatile home accent that can factor into almost any room's decor. But a mirror's versatility goes largely unnoticed. Most of us are content to hang them on (or lean them against) a wall and be done with them. Maybe we use them to open up a room a little and create the illusion of extra space, but that's just scraping the surface of what a mirror can do for your home's look. Let's see how else mirrors can be used:

Rectangular mirror with beautiful decorative frame, available at Kirkland's

Alternative Use #1: Reflective Art

Mirrors can serve more than just a practical purpose in your home—it can also be an aesthetic choice. Try using a mirror (or several) as wall art for your room. A sunburst mirror (or any mirror that isn't round or rectangular) can be hung on the wall in place of a more traditional piece of art. If you would rather hang something more traditional, look into mirrors with decorative frames or perhaps a window pane mirror. The idea is to shift the focus to an attribute of the mirror aside from the mirror itself — those attributes being the shape or the frame. Another option would be to find several smaller mirrors and hang them in clusters. You can even include some hand mirrors — complete with handles — in the mix for a fun, quirky look.


Window pane mirror behind table lamp, available at Kirkland's

Alternative Use #2: Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase markers work wonderfully on glass. Hang a mirror up in any room that could use a stylish dry-erase board, like a contemporary home office or even your teen's room. You can also hang a mirror in the kitchen and create your own fashionable menu board. Once you have the dry-erase markers around, be sure to scribble notes (and sweet nothings) to your significant other on the bathroom or bedroom mirror; your message is sure to get noticed, and the message will wipe away with ease.

Alternative Use #3: Instant Light Brightener

A well-placed mirror can double the available light in a room. Simply place a mirror behind a lamp or pendant light for an ambient boost to any space. This works especially well in bedrooms with small bedside lamps; you might find yourself turning off your overhead light entirely! Mirrors can also be used to showcase a particularly extravagant light fixture—chandeliers over dining tables come to mind. With a mirror directly across from it, you'll be able to see it from every angle. Plus, the light bouncing off the mirror will instantly brighten the light in your dining room.

Large leaner mirror in living room, available at Kirkland's

Alternative Use #4: Space-Creating Backsplash

Here's one out of left field: use a mirror as a backsplash behind your sink or range. There are actually a couple benefits to this one, aside from the obvious aesthetic value. Like in any other room, having a mirror behind one of your kitchen fixtures opens up your kitchen, giving the illusion of added space. Also, the mirror will reflect light already present in the room, adding a little more visibility to your cooking surfaces or sink area. However, be sure to use go for an antiqued mirror if you intend to use a mirror for a backsplash; antiqued mirrors hide potential splatters much better than perfectly clean ones.

Mirrors have often been considered a hidden weapon in any designer's arsenal. They can be used for so many different purposes, and they fit with almost any decor style. Chances are, no matter what your personal style is, you can find a mirror that not only fits your decor but celebrates it. And now that you have these suggestions, you can use your mirrors for more than just taking a quick glance or expanding your room space.