When it comes to decorative home accents, lanterns truly shine. A versatile lighting solution that can be used in a variety of ways, lanterns can provide light for a space as big as an entire room or as small as a single step. It's all in how you use them. At Kirkland's, we have plenty of ideas on how to use a lantern in your home, including some you may have never considered!

Multipurpose Furniture: Other Ways to Use A Lantern

Traditionally, lanterns are hung from the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or simply placed on the floor of a room as a secondary or decorative light source. But they can be so much more than that! Allow us to enlighten you:

Distressed Ornate Lantern - Kirkland's

Alternative Use #1: Dining Table Centerpiece

Looking for a table accent that perfectly captures everything you love about fall? Grab a candle or three, a window pane candle lantern, and a bit of burlap ribbon for a rustic centerpiece that will brighten up any table with a warm, welcoming glow. Accent it with a bit of fall floral for an extra touch of fall color. This one is great for fans of vintage farmhouse decor, a look popular in kitchens and dining rooms today.

Alternative Use #2: Fireplace Interior

Decorating your hearth with a fireplace candelabra is a hot decor trend at the moment, so let's take it a step further. How about enclosing those candles within a lantern? A group of lanterns arranged inside a fireplace makes for an interesting look in your living room, as well as an illuminating conversation piece.

Gold Quatrefoil Lantern - Kirkland's

Alternative Use #3: Outdoor Accent Lighting

Do you have a garden that disappears when the sun goes down? Maybe some problematic steps on your back porch? Use lanterns to accent those outdoor steps and provide a light unto your guests' path. Outdoor lanterns are more attractive than other types of outdoor lighting, and the ambiance they create can change the look and feel of an entire landscaping project. And for those worried about regularly changing out candles, Kirkland's offers a wide variety of LED lanterns and LED candles that provide a realistic flicker without the hassle of lighting, blowing out, and relighting.



Distressed Lantern with Moss and Candle - Kirkland's

Alternative Use #4: Terrarium

For something really different, forego the candle entirely and put something else inside the lantern: plants. Perfect for the shabby chic look, oversized glass lanterns make excellent terrariums. Simply open it up and put a small, potted plant or an arrangement of artificial flowers or plants inside. A layer of moss on the lantern's floor adds a natural and colorful decorative touch.

And there you have it. With their multitude of uses and their stylish execution, lanterns definitely earn their place as a Kirkland's Multitasker.