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Here at Kirkland's, we believe in making every experience special. Whether that is putting a smile on a customer's face or helping out a peer with a project. You are on the front line every day interacting with our most important key to our success, our customer. We are looking for smiling faces that believe in making every experience special and are excited to be a part of something big!

At Kirkland's we rely on you to give us ideas and feedback on what we can do better to enhance not just the customer's experience but yours as well. The biggest ideas and the best-laid plans don't mean a thing unless you have the right talent to help put those plans into action. We need passionate and energetic people who are excited about what they can bring to the table. A lot of our best ideas have come from our team members in the field-the employees who work with our customers every day and know this business inside and out. When you work with Kirkland's, you won't be just a cog in a machine; you'll have a voice, and we'll want to hear it.

We need people who want to be part of a team, because that's what we are. We help each other. We push each other to succeed. And when we do succeed, we celebrate together.

Love your job. Love the opportunities.

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There's something amazing about being behind the scenes. You get to see how all the moving pieces work. You can watch as all those ideas come together to form something you previously thought impossible. Most importantly, you can join in that collaboration and help mold those ideas into something incredible. This is your invitation to step behind the scenes at Kirkland's and help us become more than we ever thought possible. Join our Sales Support Center and become a vital part of what continues to make Kirkland's one of the nation's top home dècor retailers.

Our Sales Support Centers in Jackson and Brentwood, Tennessee are here to support the stores in every way possible. We are a collaborative group who welcome new ideas to give us the advantage to stay one step ahead and always looking forward. We need you, no matter what your specialty skill set is to help us achieve our goals!

Bring your passion. Develop your career.

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